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          NCLEX Review Online
        NCLEX® PN Online Access of  Frye's NCLEX PN Review
                                             Fee:  $395

Any time, Any day, and Unlimited Access to an online review until
you pass the Board.

(Includes review materials and practice exams on a CD that will be mailed
by priority mail)


Dr. Frye has helped thousands of students become licensed professionals and he can help you too. His
review focuses on what you need to know to pass the most challenging examination of your career. The
following is just some of the information and processes you will learn to during the review:
        Test Taking Strategies
        Understanding the nursing process
        Review of nursing areas
        Learn how the NCLEX® is written and who writes it
        State Board quality model examinations with rationales and
        Hundreds of Frye’s Famous Bullet Formatted Tips on Delegation, Prioritizations, Intercultural Nursing,
Nursing Process, Alternative Nursing, Administrative Nursing, and more!


•        All the review materials which contain Frye’s famous bulleted tips that are packed with information you
need to know to pass the examination;
•        A Review of the Test Plan used by the National Council of State Board;
•        Test taking strategies that work; and
•        Practice Exams on CD.

Group Discounts
Advanced registration and full payment required.
        2 or more: less $20 each    
        5-10: less $35 per person.
        11-20: less $50 per person
        21 or more: less $75 per person.
Group registration must identify members of the group.  

We offer group and school discounts, and also arrange for Dr. Frye to conduct the review at your location
with a minimum number of participants. Please call (714) 828-3793 for details.


Sorry there is no cancellation once the study materials are mailed or access the course are sent by e-mail.